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  • Do you need to send an urgent communication to your customers? Plexus 360 can execute quickly.
  • Are you maximizing marketing performance? Let Plexus 360 streamline your Marketing Supply Chain.
  • Do PAAB Product expiries, catch you by surprise? Let Plexus 360 notify you in advance.
  • Is your reach/frequency communication strategy delivering results? Let Plexus 360 integrate your direct marketing programs with your sales strategy.
  • Does your sales team always receive their sales tools on time? Let Plexus 360 improve service levels to your sales force.
  • Do you need to track lot numbers? Plexus 360 keeps records of all sample drops.
  • Are your marketing materials write-offs too high? Let Plexus 360 help decrease obsolenscence.
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Complying with Health Canada Regulations

Plexus 360 Promotional Gateway (PPG) Sample Manager Case Study

Molnlycke Canada, a diagnostics company required a solution that would meet Health Canada requirements for tracking and recording the lot numbers of samples stored at a representative’s home and distributed to health care practitioners. Plexus 360 developed the PPG Sample Manager to track and record all samples stored and distributed by each representative. Each representative can work off-line to record a sample delivery, manage their contacts and inventory. All transactions and reports are synched with the PPG and securely stored in the PPG database when the representative logs onto the internet.

Improving Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales Force Effectiveness Case Study
As an integral part of their sales strategy, a Major Consumer Healthcare sales team required a simple and validated process for ordering and providing free goods (Trade Goods) and products containing precursors to their customers. The existing process was out-dated and the new solution had to meet current regulatory, financial and reporting requirements. Plexus 360 created a catalogue rules engine that simplified the process for sales and met the needs of the regulatory, financial and IT departments.

Complying with PAAB

Hoffmann-La Roche needed to ensure that all PAAB items used by their sales team were in compliance. They required an automatic alert mechanism to notify their sales team when a PAAB regulated piece of promotional material had expired. The PPG already included 90-60-30 day PAAB expiry alerts for the marketing team. Plexus built an expired product alert notification system. When a PAAB item expires, the PPG checks all shipments to determine which representatives have received the expired item. The PPG then generates an e-mail to all recipients of the expired item with a copy to the relevant product manager informing them to dispose of the item as per their company policy.


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