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  • Do you need to send an urgent communication to your customers? Plexus 360 can execute quickly.
  • Are you maximizing marketing performance? Let Plexus 360 streamline your Marketing Supply Chain.
  • Do PAAB Product expiries, catch you by surprise? Let Plexus 360 notify you in advance.
  • Is your reach/frequency communication strategy delivering results? Let Plexus 360 integrate your direct marketing programs with your sales strategy.
  • Does your sales team always receive their sales tools on time? Let Plexus 360 improve service levels to your sales force.
  • Do you need to track lot numbers? Plexus 360 keeps records of all sample drops.
  • Are your marketing materials write-offs too high? Let Plexus 360 help decrease obsolenscence.
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Compare your marketing supply chain performance against the industry average. If you are not satisfied, give us a call to discuss how Plexus 360 can help you streamline your Marketing Supply Chain.

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Are you maximizing your sales force productivity?

In a recent survey, respondents reported that the service levels for delivering promotional materials to...


Are you optimizing your investment in promotional materials?

In a recent survey, respondents estimated that 5-15% of their promotional materials were...


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Does your sales team always receive their marketing materials on time?


What is your current service level to your sales team?


What is your company’s annual investment in marketing materials?

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What % of marketing materials are destroyed annually?

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Do you track sales force productivity losses resulting from late delivery on new promotional materials?


Does your current system manage PAAB expiry dates?


At an estimated cost of $250 per sales call, what is your estimated cost of this productivity loss?

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