Plexus 360 helps you reach the right people at the right time with the right frequency. The message is up to you.

Plexus 360 direct marketing solutions are powered by an integrated multi-media communications system and comprehensive up to date healthcare databases. Plexus 360 Direct Marketing solutions are designed to

  • Maximize reach
  • Drive executional excellence and reduce cycle time
  • Provide economic efficiencies

Plexus 360 Direct Marketing Solutions include

  • Fax Broadcasting
  • E Mail Broadcasting
  • Voice Telephone Broadcasting
  • Full lettershop and courier services

Send your communication by one or a combination of these media to reduce cycle time and generate savings.

Plexus 360 provides an accurate, current and comprehensive database of Canadian Healthcare Providers allowing you to identify your audience and target your marketing communications

  • Physicians
  • Retail and hospital pharmacies
  • Medical institutions
  • Medical Associations
  • Other

Plexus 360 helps identify high prescribing physicians with the greatest propensity to adopt new products.

Plexus 360 provides unequalled targeting capabilities based on physician survey data and Doctor Level Data based on retail pharmacy prescriptions.

For important and urgent communications

Plexus 360 specializes in the rapid turnaround of high priority, time sensitive communications.

  • New Product Introductions
  • Formulary Updates
  • Health Canada Alerts

Build innovative direct response marketing campaigns.

  • Fax, e mail, direct mail or voice messaging
  • State of the art laser personalization and variable text messaging
  • Business Reply Handling: Fax, Mail, E mail
  • Complete fulfillment services from our GMP Health Canada licensed warehouse.
  • Database Management and targeting analysis
  • Professional printing and translation

Let Plexus 360, help you find out what your customers are thinking.

In Review - an independent third party vehicle used to survey current and future management trends of selected disease states and conduct customized interactive direct marketing programs. Via our physician database or expert panels we develop high impact programs designed to highlight your product's role in current and future disease management plans.

FaxTrak - When you need an answer fast. FaxTrak is a customized, economical, quick response market feedback service that provides you with answers to your issues from your target audience immediately.

  • Product Usage Surveys
  • Intention to Use Surveys
  • Dosage Studies
  • Product Awareness Surveys
  • CME Needs Analysis

Combine our direct marketing technologies with our web based ordering solutions to create fully automated programs to support the efforts of your sales force.

  • Sales call follow up programs
  • No See / Hard to See Physician campaigns.
  • Field level micro marketing programs

Develop and execute your fax campaigns on your own. Log onto your secure portal and use our technology to execute your communications program.

Our web-based fax messaging services is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers. Your message is always opened and customers can respond immediately.

  • Create customized messages targeted to your target market:
    • Announce new products and price changes
    • Communicate Health Canada mandated announcements
    • Survey your Customers
    • Create targeted sample fulfillment programs
  • Send single or multiple messages to thousands of customers at the same time.
  • Measure the results of your broadcast and track your current campaign activity with real-time automated reporting. You can track opt-out requests and unreachable numbers, and get automated confirmation of your broadcasts.

To login to your Message Solutions Account click here

If you have questions on the best way to reach your customers or assess if your direct mail program meets Canada Post specs just give us a call – we help you select the best communication tools and avoid executional pitfalls.

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