Are you optimizing your marketing spend?

"Global 1000 companies spend more than $1.2 trillion per annum on marketing. Of this, 22% (Accenture, Gartner) goes to the production, management and distribution of marketing content - in other words the Marketing Supply Chain. How does over one-fifth of a company's marketing budget get consumed by operational processes, instead of going to higher impact elements, like sales, advertising and direct marketing?"

Does your marketing supply chain give you a competitive edge?

Even with the best strategy, planning and creative, a great campaign can be compromised unless it is executed with greater speed, flexibility and efficiency than the competition.

Does your marketing supply chain support your marketing strategy?

The Plexus Promotional Gateway helps maximize your marketing dollars by streamlining the distribution and control of marketing materials and samples through integrated communication, ordering, inventory, and fulfillment processes.

If your current marketing supply chain is complex and fragmented, the Plexus Promotional Gateway can help you untangle your marketing supply chain to create a competitive advantage.

Typical Healthcare Company Supply Chain

The Plexus 360 Promotional Gateway (PPG) is a proven, customizable, web based Marketing Supply Chain tool for managing promotional materials and samples. The PPG improves marketing performance by:

  • Online ordering and order tracking for the sales team.
  • Customizable catalogues for different users.
  • Order limit controls.
  • Expiry date alerts for PAAB controlled promotional materials.
  • Intuitive Management Console.
  • Online Reporting.
  • Fulfillment for Marketing Campaigns.

The Plexus 360 Sample Manager is a validated web based marketing tool that allows sales representatives to record sample deliveries and product demonstrations with their customers. Representatives record their sampling activity on their desktop. All transactions are automatically captured in the PPG secure central database.

Need a custom e-Commerce system for selling products online? Innovasium Merchant gives your customers and staff a Rich Internet Application (RIA) experience. Innovasium Merchant is can be used for Direct to Professional programs, or Direct to Consumer programs.

Benefits of Innovasium Merchant:

  • Affordable, robust and secure e-commerce solution
  • Engaging custom online store experience
  • Role based user profiles provide a custom experience
  • Resource Portal for additional product downloads, videos and training
  • Provides great “online customer service” with “Dynamic Search” and “Product Selectors” that walk customers through their options
  • Powerful Pricing Engine enables multiple pricing options and “best price” determination
  • Advanced Decision Support modules include Related Products, Recommendations, Comparators, and Configurators
  • CSR ordering
  • Manage shipping rules and taxes easily
  • EDI / XML fulfillment integration to UPS SCS, Resolve, Transcontinental and others
  • 3rd party payment integration

Innovasium Merchant has been implemented by some of the top pharmaceutical and packaged goods companies. Your Direct to Physician or Direct to Customer program could benefit from Innovasium Merchant. For more information contact us at 905 829 2188.

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